of the two beasts, while the other, hat and periwig in

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Thementionof"Californiaplums"referstosomeinediblefruitwhichGillisonce,outofpuregoodnessofheart,bough ...

The mention of "California plums" refers to some inedible fruit which Gillis once, out of pure goodness of heart, bought of a poor wandering squaw, and then, to conceal his motive, declared that they were something rare and fine, and persisted in eating them, though even when stewed they nearly choked him.

of the two beasts, while the other, hat and periwig in


of the two beasts, while the other, hat and periwig in

Samuel L. Clemens and Olivia Langdon were married in the Langdon home at Elmira, February 2, 1870, and took up their residence in Buffalo in a beautiful home, a wedding present from the bride's father. The story of their wedding, and the amusing circumstances connected with their establishment in Buffalo, have been told elsewhere. --[Mark Twain: A Biography, chap. lxxiv.]

of the two beasts, while the other, hat and periwig in

Mark Twain now believed that he was through with lecturing. Two letters to Redpath, his agent, express his comfortable condition.

BUFFALO, March 22, 1890. DEAR RED,--I am not going to lecture any more forever. I have got things ciphered down to a fraction now. I know just about what it will cost us to live and I can make the money without lecturing. Therefore old man, count me out. Your friend, S. L. CLEMENS.

ELMIRA, N. Y. May 10, 1870. FRIEND REDPATH,-- I guess I am out of the field permanently.

Have got a lovely wife; a lovely house, bewitchingly furnished; a lovely carriage, and a coachman whose style and dignity are simply awe- inspiring--nothing less--and I am making more money than necessary--by considerable, and therefore why crucify myself nightly on the platform. The subscriber will have to be excused from the present season at least.

Remember me to Nasby, Billings and Fall.--[Redpath's partner in the lecture lyceum.]-- Luck to you! I am going to print your menagerie, Parton and all, and make comments.

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